Historical Native Re-enactment Group

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Learning the Native Way

We have had the priviledge to learn many of the ancient traditions of the First Nations people, and we are still learning! We invite all to join us in drumming as we pay tribute to Kitche Manitou, or hear ancient songs, or listen to native tales from one of our gifted story tellers. Come and learn of traditional native foods, and taste native fare such as bannock. Visualize early Native life through a collection of ancient artifacts, and traditional clothing, tools and weaponry. 

  • David portrays voyageur Jean Baptiste Dumont in Blind River
  • Heather finger-weaving at Chatham, September 2007
  • Barry making a Hand Drum at Wasaga, July 2007
  • Barry and Lynn making another Drum
  • Native Foods
  • Cleaning Flintlock Muskets
  • Drying the Drums, Wasaga 2004
  • Hand Drumming and Singing in Barrie, June 2005
  • Lynn doing bead work at Sheguiandah, Manitoulin Island, July 2007
  • Jim displaying Native artifacts, Fort Willow 2004
  • Hunter teaches Jeff Douglas (of History Television) how to fish
  • David sets up for a Fur Trade Demonstration
  • Lynn doing quill work at Wasaga, July 2007
  • Turtle Beadwork done on leather, July 2007
  • Helping our friend Genot Picor tell a story, Chatham 2007
  • Hair and makeup, Wasaga 2005
  • Basket weaving, Longwoods 2005
  • Playing traditional games, Longwoods 2005
  • Children learning the art of scalping, Wasaga 2005
  • Jim smudging a new cannon, Fort Malden 2004
  • Jim getting ready to fire the snow snake, Midland Winterfest 2005
  • Anne drying tobacco, Fairfield 2004
  • Honouring Tecumseh, Fork York 2004
  • Marching as Native Allies to the British at Stoney Creek, June 2004