Historical Native Re-enactment Group

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Fort Erie, August 5 - August 7, 2011

Once again Fort Erie outdid itself with the help of the staff and re-enactors. This year the On-Gwe-Ho-Way presence consisted of Hunter, Sable and Checomick. The weather was hot and humid but we had a lovely breeze from the river through most of the day and night.

Sable was able to entertain new-found relatives and we also had a couple who travelled all over US and Canada visit us for a few hours. Hunter and Checomick were in some excellent battles over Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday’s battles included one in the early afternoon where we were pushed back by the American soldiers, followed by one in the evening where the Fort was attacked by the British and Native Allies. This battle was outstanding, with excellent pyrotechnics in place to simulate cannon shots landing in the soil. When the fort exploded, the sky lit up. It was wonderful! We ran with the Caldwell Rangers and it was an excellent experience.

Later that night, at dusk, we were stationed alongside the Fort to shoot into it while the candlelight tour was conducted. By all accounts they had a large number of people take part in the tour. For dinner that evening we were invited by the Nancy Crew to partake in steak, corn, potatoes with all the trimmings. We brought additional corn to add to the dinner and left feeling stuffed, in time to fight the evening battles.

On Sunday we again ran with the Caldwell Rangers and we were able to defend the British against the Americans, and once again, restore the Fort to British command.

A large amount of rain dumped on us about 30 minutes before taking down all the canvas. Checomick got her canvas down and in the truck but had to wait out the rain storm under Hunter’s canvas and watch it come down before they could take down their wigwam.

- written by Checomick