Historical Native Re-enactment Group

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Fairfield Museum / Moravian Village, Sept 3 to 4, 2011

This was the twelfth year of this event at Fairfield, and the eighth year that On-Gwe-Ho-Way has participated! Several of us arrived on Thursday to record high temperatures and humidity, which carried right through until Saturday night, when a thunderstorm rolled by, narrowly missing the encampment. However, the high heat and moisture did little to affect the enjoyment felt over the weekend. It was especially nice to be reunited with Jim (Aliquot) and Robin for the weekend, after a long absence from events due to various health issues.

David was surprised at home by a parcel on Friday morning, which contained a beautiful portrait of David as "The Warrior" (Tecumseh). See the picture below.

On Saturday, in the midst of event participation, we had a productive meeting concerning next year's event on Boblo Island, near Amherstburg, which is scheduled for September, 2012. Jim Ouellette (Whitewolf) is the appointed coordinator of the event and we very appreciative of all of his efforts to date.

On Sunday, we were blessed by our yearly visit from Vera and Gilbert, and Vera once again parted of her wisdom, as we remembered and honoured the ancestors. Later in the day, during the skirmish, the re-enactors were able to carry out some pretty fierce hand-to-hand, where the Americans dominated (of course) and even managed to take a scalp.

Looking forward to next year's event!