Historical Native Re-enactment Group

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Beaverton - August 13 to 14, 2011

This weekend’s reenactment was hosted by Tom Hurlbut, Commander, Lake Simcoe and Upper Lakes Station, and his command in the lovely town of Beaverton.

There were four of us there this year, Hunter, Sable, Rainbow Weaver and Checomick. Rainbow Weaver and Checomick arrived on Saturday morning and Hunter and Sable arrived on Friday afternoon.

Friday brought the American forces to the shores of Lake Simcoe in Beaverton and the British forces were overcome. The Americans landed and set up camp on the shoreline. On Saturday the Americans pushed the British and their Native Allies back into the town of Beaverton and while there captured the Major who was promptly put into jail. The town folk did not appear too interested in having the American’s on shore and shouted “long live the King”, with gusto, in an attempt to change the outcome of the battle. In the late afternoon the battle continued in the fairgrounds with the American forces losing their cannon to British and Allies fire. Much looting too place, with Checomick capturing a hat from one of the cannon crew.

Saturday evening after dinner there was a rousing game of Rounders and music from musicians in the re-enactor community.

Sunday afternoon the battle continued with the British and their Native Allies pushing the American forces onto the pier and into waiting boats. Once again the cannon crews were disabled and the 3 remaining American fighters climbed aboard their ship.

After a ceremony to take down the American flag and replace it with the British flag all the reenactors were thanked by Tom, with special thanks to the Native Allies. Mother Nature was sending thunder sounds down on us as we started to take down camp, but we were able to get away without any wet canvas.

Overall an enjoyable 2 days and we look forward to the next one.

- written by Checomick